Disaster Recovery

Minnesota VOAD is responding to the needs of communities across the State/Territory. Below, you will find information regarding our current responses.

Reporting Disasters to MNVOAD

Requesting Assistance from MNVOAD – PARTNERS

To request MNVOAD or Individual Member Organizations in times of disaster, choose one of the following options:

1. Contact any specific member agency as indicated in your Emergency Operations Plan, if any.
2. Call the MN State Duty Officer (651-649-5451 or 1-800-422-0798).
3. Make the request to the MNVOAD Desk at the SEOC, if activated.
4. Contact MNVOAD leadership.
5. Ask a member voluntary agency already on the ground in your community.

MN Disaster Situational Awareness – MEMBERS 

Once MNVOAD is activated, it helps to provide detailed information about the known disaster impact and service needs.  For this, we recommend using the MNVOAD Info and Activation Request Form.docx.

MNVOAD Member Agencies are requested to let us know when they are responding to disasters in Minnesota using the Voluntary Agency Trip Report Form.doc
Please complete a Trip Report for each deployment you make. Send your reports by e-mail to:
• MNVOAD President Ryc Lyden – ryclyden@gmail.com
• HSEM Volunteer Resource Coordinator Dennis Walter – dennis.walter@state.mn.us

Provide as much information as you can about what your organization did. Examples include:

  • What kinds of assistance did you provide?
  • Where did you provide it?
  • How many people/families were assisted?  
  • How many volunteers from your agency assisted? (If you can, tell us how many volunteer hours the project took)
  • Did you collaborate with other agencies to assist? If so, which agencies?
  • Are there other needs that may need to be addressed?
  • A point of contact from your organization in case there are additional questions

Photos – Please take photos of your volunteers at work and of communities that you serve. We are especially interested in photos showing your agency working in collaboration with other voluntary or government agency partners. Make sure that all people photographed consent to having their pictures taken.

Clean-up Coordination 

MNVOAD uses a collaborative disaster work order management platform called Crisis Clean-up. If your agency is involved in either collecting requests for clean-up aid or delivering volunteer-clean-up services for a given disaster, please go to https://www.crisiscleanup.org/login to request user access to this platform as needed.