MNVOAD is now using DART, Disaster Agency Response Technology. DART is a next-generation solution built on VOAD standards that supports a multi-agency approach. The modules included in DART solve fundamental response and recovery challenges, and improve service delivery to disaster survivors.

These are the modules that we are using:
A comprehensive volunteer management system that provides the capacity for agencies to: 

• Register spontaneous/unaffiliated volunteers.
• Organize and assign unaffiliated volunteers or groups of volunteers by location, skills, and availability.  
• Communicate specific events and scheduled opportunities that unaffiliated volunteers can offer to support.  
• Conduct background checks directly from the platform (Verified Volunteers).
• A cutting edge digital marketplace allowing agencies to communicate in-kind donation needs and for corporations and individuals to offer their support.

The system provides the capacity for agencies to: 
• Express the specific items and services required for relief operations and to update those needs as relief operations evolve from response to recovery. 
• Support corporate and individual ability to offer products, services, and transportation to disaster relief organizations based on location and needs. 
• Claim donations and to communicate directly with donors to strengthen relations and ensure accuracy of information. 

A Situation Report module that allows agencies to:
• Share real-time updates and urgent needs
• The site is: https://dart-mn.communityos.org/.  You can practice with the program to try out its features at: https://dart-exercises.communityos.org/ and enter the code: DART2020
• Agencies and Volunteers can join for free.  There is a background check feature that volunteers pay $13.00 towards.  This assures the organizations and agencies that get know the volunteer.  This is the only cost.

Organizations: public, private and governmental can look for qualified volunteers and post any needs that they have. They can be very specific.
Volunteers can look for existing opportunities or set up a virtual resume of what they are trained to do or willing to perform.  NOT ALL VOLUNTEERS WILL BE CALLED UPON and the waiting will be linked to the immediate need.
If you are looking to connect then go to the website.
Thank you!