PrintMinnesota VOAD is the association of voluntary agencies and their partners involved in disaster response, recovery, and preparedness. MNVOAD works to promote cooperation, communication, collaboration, and coordination, the “4 C’s”, in order to help all our members provide better service to those impacted by disasters in Minnesota.

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September Notes

Hurricane Harvey left in its wake devastating effects separating families and rendered thousands homeless. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Texas. We know all those who have responded to help in search and rescue do so with compassion for neighbors and strangers alike.

If would like to help or volunteer, please do not self-deploy. See the following where to register or sign up to volunteer. See also information on how to donate responsibly.

Getty Images

Getty Images


There is much to be done. To register to volunteer or donate go to National VOAD  or Texas VOAD.

Picture Courtesy of AP

Picture Courtesy of AP










Here in Minnesota, our members have put together relief and recovery efforts. Headwaters Relief and H.E.A.R.T have calls out for volunteers and donations.

Hurrican IrmaNow all eyes are on HURRICANE IRMA





We are committed to help in long term recovery efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Quarterly and board meetings-September 7, 2017, Rochester, MN. For full details, got to Meetings page.

September 14, 2017-VA needs volunteers for their exercise. For full details, see our Volunteer Opportunities page.

FEMA is looking for deployment of 30 days for various areas of expertise. Details on this link FEMA Deployment.


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Summer Notes

SunsetThe dog days of summer is fast approaching.

This summer proved to be a stormy and weather active. Needless to say MNVOAD has been busy monitoring needs in communities affected by storms and weather incidents.






Looking back. We had much success at our first tailgate General Meeting On June 5, 2017.


Nine of our members and partners displayed their response vans and more than 60people attended the meeting.

Now we are looking ahead to our Quarterly meeting on September 7 which will be held in Rochester. More details will be coming.



August 1 is Night to Unite in many Minnesotan cities


(In conjunction with National Night Out).Neighborhoods are gearing for a night of celebration of maintaining crime free neighborhoods and a time to get to know their neighbors.

August 4 and August 5-Super Bowl Exercise.

As you are well aware, the Super Bowl is coming to Minnesota and the Red Cross has key response role to fulfill if an emergency happens while it’s here. Red Cross is hosting a shelter exercise in Chaska, MN.

If you are interested, for specific site information, or if you have any any question, please contact me or Jason Bengtson (jason.bengtson@redcross.org).

NASAsolareclipse_0August 21, 2017- Solar Eclipse of the Sun  (Picture courtesy of NASA).

From the BCA Fusion Center-The Day the Solar Eclipse Came to Town
On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible across the United States. It has been decades since a total solar eclipse has crossed a significant part of the country, and this one is special: the path of totality will travel completely across the contiguous 48 states from Oregon to South Carolina. It is likely millions of Americans who have never seen one will plan road trips that weekend, and many small towns across the country are bracing themselves, as their populations may increase by a factor of three or more for a few days.

Towns along the coast of Oregon are especially concerned as they will be the first location for the totality to be seen. Grand Teton National Park is expecting the busiest day in their history, and emergency managers and first responders are meeting in Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, and across the country to plan logistics for this event. Many are warning visitors and residents of traffic backups and poor cell phone service, and reminding them emergency response will likely be slow and to stock up on food, water and fuel to last a few days.

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