Our Memorial Day Story at Scott County

A concerned neighbor saw that they needed help. This homeowner in Blakely had struggled since the flood of June in 2014. Their neighbor reached out to us for help. We went. Who came? Well, some 30 volunteers from the Latter-Day Saints, Catholic United and the community came. What a terrific way to spend aScott Cty1 5-25-15 Memorial Day Weekend!Scott Cty2 5-25-15 Scott Cty3 5-25-15 Scott Cty4 5-25-15 Scott Cty5 5-25-15 Scott Cty6 5-25-15 Thank you Bob Heuermann for sharing.

Here’s what they wanted us to know.

“My jaw is still on the ground… I could keep saying was, Wow! Wow! Wow! I was so thrilled with what was done.

[The volunteers] were amazing & were a huge comfort & support to me. [For example] Phil… is he a machine?!?!…the chain saw could not even keep up with him… He’s awesome!!!!

I really enjoyed meeting different people who were so kind to take time out of their busy lives and come and even give up part of their holiday to help me. It was awesome.

 I was so excited!!! It was a bit overwhelming, but very happy day.

Take care and thank you all very much!!!! We’ll keep in touch and keep at this until it’s all done, step by step… rejoice with me.

Love, xxxx”